Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What's Up

Hello my fren. Hope u have a great day. I think it's been a year i'm not updating this blog. This mean also i have been silence for 1 year from pico world. 5days ago i just feel like want to play PICO back. You know what, i'm doing nothing at home for 2 months because of semester break. So i decided to play pico. HAHA its so amazing, i just miss my pico and my old pico fren. When i'm online, its seems they also rarely online their pico or hiding? i don't know. I just miss the old moment. I know now it change everything :( 

But i'm glad when i go to park, still have a people remember me. Thanks guys for supports me to play back <3 :)

Lots of Love from Lala :)

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