Monday, January 10, 2011

MOOD : Happy. My old acc already got banned~
thanks pico staff, so they cnnot disturb me again!

Hello Hello, i'm newbie! :D

I used new account, still have people stalk me :O
WHAT U WANT? i still don't understand.
i never have enemy, i never fight with people.

Yesterday i recieved this mail. so i decided to go to her room, replying her mail on msg board.
ok i reply this 'LOL this my another acc lol'
then i was SHOCKED!!
my friend told me she got hacked! OH NOOO!
so i go to her room back bcoz i feel so weird. she replying my msg used my fren pico acc
'really XD lucky :P '

pico id : »kα₪α-мσηѕтєя♥

then i go to her fren room

'I GOT IN :DDD ' that's mean she can login my fren pico account. wtf!
how poor are u use people acc!
why want disturb us! i never familiar with this name.
and we never meet and noe u!
why suddenly appear and disturb us.!

look at this screeshots. i go to my old account room.
 that girl named again! WTF U HACKER!
why u cannot see us play freely?
u jealous with us?
thank you bcoz make many problem to us~


  1. Her name sounds familiar to me >_>
    i went to jp park, and bunches of girl are screaming "(Her name) is a hacker, give bk my sis account!!!"

    Messed up people >_>

  2. LOL...
    lt me hack her...


    (pstttt* dunno how to hacked)


  3. fifi, yea i have met one pico in my fren room. remember u follow ABIB and many people there?.

    she said to my fren that (profile name) is her sis account but got hacked! ;O

    scaryyy, idk what happen to pico these days! T T

  4. yo lala, hayley's here
    i met this strange girl last week, in my pico room, she said that she wanna give me golds, n ask for my fb acc n pw. lol i'm not that careless to give her these.....omg that's too terrible with those guys

  5. yess hayley. i have visit to ring one pico's room. i saw msg same like u. she wanna give gold! damn. fccking hacker duhh!

  6. shes very stupid..
    just have came whit stupid old ides that many picos gonna go on it.
    Shes poor and jelous at your acc thats for 1 reason why she want your acc.
    i have never meet a b7tch ho3 a//zz w//hore hacker like her.
    sorrry for swear. but im used to say this in this situation.

  7. just because it may just not be chopping and such stuff here on pico.
    as soon as you notify this person about hacking and stuff so will the course once banned in a few days. To pico. They always find some evidence that this person has hacked the second and did illegal things. But anyways, I'll ask my friend's uncle if he can do something about it here. haha, I remember when my friend who I trust deeply that he would never hack me when I gave my password to him. And he hacked. but I get of course help. and the help I will never forget that he has been banned in pico forever. And then I learned that day, just the days that I never give out my password to anyone not even to a best friend. For you never know who you can trust the very much, right?.