Tuesday, November 16, 2010


OMG yesterday is my terrible day TT__TT 

My Pico id name : Lala Cullenhave been hack by FCCKING HACKER!! The hacker shrink my room (make my room small, sell furniture) and feeding people with all my food! But Thank god the hacker not sell all my outfit! What the motives u doing this to me hacker?
And now all confused with me. When they go to my room the faked pico kicked them. Sorry guys thats not me :( yes sometimes is REAL LALA sometimes is faked. Who have been kicked by faked pico tell me TT__TT  Thats my fault too because not careful meet the stranger. Stupid me! 

                     My pico id have 2 just now. 

I already change my name to PLS STOP to show message for hacker. And who I'm Mokey/// ? Thats mean its a FAKED pico. The Hacker trying to afraid and annoy people! But Don't worry guys my friend and I already report to Pico stuff! But I NEED U ALL BEWARE. SOMETIMES NEWBIE IS STALKER! yesterday many newbie say Hi to me after my pico 500 INTERNAL ERROR. WTF, what you want from me?

The Pico Stuff really taking care of us, but for dis time I cannot enter my room. The pico stuff trying to fixing my account. I'm just waiting to get my account back! 
mood : HAPPY now!
Thanks you all thats the gift for my birthday!! \(^▽^)/

Credit to my friend :  ☆☉°〖Sεп₪α〗°☉☆ 
             ♫ Cаиdy ♪
             The Hound
               。✿*゚Gia 。✿*゚

Thanks to ALL my friend (sorry who not in list) because non stop for helping me and give email to Pico stuff and give me support to use this account back!



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  1. sorry lala, i feel veryyyyy sorry for you, i hope u get ur account bak :(