Friday, September 24, 2010

My Pico Life's Pic

Here are some photo of my pico in previous month . 

Hello I'm Lala Cullen [Best Friend Bears]

I Miss You Jhowee :
Long time we not chat each other. 
She from Philiphines!

My Bestie. I miss this time so much :)

My Malaysian friend xD
Syuu <3 , she busy with her job now!

Long time not play with you. Kaguya :)

1st time i met 0739 . Haha she so awsome!

My Grumpy Bears a.k.a Senna Cool xD 
This girl  Indah [Harmony Bears] . I'm still remember, 1st time i met u when u change your look like me , i mean gay! [KIM] . I LOVE U!

Miss you guys a lot =)

Then I meet Care Bears. They so cool.  Happy with u all!